I tend to be a nonconformist in many of the things that I’ve done in my life.  However, when it comes to finances, I was as normal as they come.  I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  However, I also graduated with a large student loan and significant credit card debt.  I didn’t realize how normal this is for most college students.

Throughout my college career, I knew that I was meant to own my own business to help people but I didn’t know what I should be doing or how I should be doing it.  It took time and life experiences for me to realize that financial coaching would be my calling.

My wife and I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) before we were married in 2003.  It was the best thing that we could do for our marriage.  I ended up taking over coordinating the class half-way through when our coordinator was no longer available to coordinate it.  Since our graduation from FPU, I have coordinated over 20 FPU classes and been blessed to help over 200 people learn Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and financial principles.

Throughout this time, my wife and I have become debt free and learned the right ways to handle the money with which God has blessed us.  We made our first debt free call to The Dave Ramsey Show, and this again showed how emotion can take over logic and reasoning when it comes to becoming debt free.

I have volunteered at several of Dave Ramsey’s Live Events, but, I knew that I could do more to help people with their financial struggles outside of volunteering my time.

Chris Rosendahl with Dave Ramsey

In 2009, I attended Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training* (now called Financial Coach Master Class) and found my calling to help other people with their finances.  I am a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.  I formed Rosendahl Financial Coaching a short time later that year to coach people that were struggling and hurting from the results of financial stress and poor financial decisions.  I learned how following a proven plan could help my wife and I succeed with money, and now I want to help you avoid the pitfalls that we ran into and win with money like you’ve never won before. 

In this business, the quote by Zig Ziglar holds true, “You can only get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  I know what it’s like to want to be out of debt, and I want to help you with that or any other financial “wants”.

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Rosendahl Financial Coaching exists as a result of its many years of experience and developing a professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and individual services are sure to help you in your unique situation.

Completion of this training does not make me an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give me the right to speak for or bind him, nor constitute an endorsement by him.