Financial coaching is the process of using wisdom and life experiences to help others improve their financial lives.  It is about teaching my clients the financial principles that they did not learn in school or at home.

Over the course of one hour sessions, I can easily show you how the investment in this service will more than pay for itself in a very fast time.  If you apply the principles that I teach, I guarantee that the coaching session will give you a greater return on your investment within six months after applying my recommendations.

Premarital/Newlywed Coaching - helps couples learn how to communicate together about money, combine differences between each other to set common financial goals, and understand saving money, budgets, and insurance.

College Student Coaching - helps college students understand how to manage their finances on fixed time & incomes, learn how to budget their money, and learn why they should avoid/eliminate student loans and credit cards.

Basic Coaching - helps you plan for emergencies, eliminate debt, establish winning money habits, and set goals for the future.

Crisis Counseling - helps you address money challenges, develop a plan to meet your necessities, and find hope for your future.

Small Business Coaching - helps you review your current situation, develop a cash flow plan, reduce debt, and prepare for emergencies.

Wealth Builder Coaching - helps you prepare for retirement, kids’ college, starting a business, estate planning, and giving.

The above programs are examples of the types of financial coaching available.  I do not try to mold my clients into a certain program.  Each of these programs is designed with my clients in mind.  Recommendations are given and financial plans are determined only when the clients’ needs are fully understood.  Upon first communication with me, you will receive information needed to begin this process to achieving the next step in your financial goals.

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